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TEN FABULOUS YEARS! Click here to read the “Martini Memories” in honor of our 10th Anniversary.

We’re Trying to Save the Martini

When our problems regarding back royalty issues caused us to lose our streams on TuneIn and RadioLoyalty, we not only lost our biggest source of audience, we also lost two of our biggest sources of income. That income helped us pay bills like rent ($948 a month), our connection to the Internet ($751 a month), and the list goes on. It costs us almost $6,000 a month to keep Martini in the Morning on the air, playing the coolest, swingin’est, most romantic music on the radio for you.

When we launched our “GoFundMe – Save the Martini” campaign, we guessed that to work out a deal on past royalties, we would need at least $25,000, including royalties and legal fees. We have retained an attorney in Washington, DC that specializes in broadcast law and Internet broadcasting. The retainer alone was $5,000. We will likely spend that $25,000 (now $27,260) and then some.  But with the TuneIn and RadioLoyalty revenue going away, and sponsorship and recurring support down, we were incapable of paying the rent and the TimeWarner bill. So to “Save the Martini,” which was the goal of the GoFundMe campaign, we borrowed money from the GoFundMe account to stay on the air. If we don’t pay Martini in the Morning’s bills, there will be no Martini to save.  Again, one way or another, whether through a payment plan or a lump sum, we will have to pay the $25,000 and probably more. So through some kind of new revenue, a membership campaign, a beg-a-thon or some other means, we will have to replace that money. And don’t be fooled by the balance on our GoFundMe page, we’ve paid the attorney and several bills. So the GoFundMe balance and our checkbook show two very different figures.

We wanted you to know that we appreciate the support of everyone who heeded the call and gave to our “GoFundMe – Save the Martini” campaign, as well as those who are supporters and sponsors, helping us pay the bills that keep coming in whether we have the money or not. The GoFundMe campaign is still on. We had to get creative so that when the dust clears in Washington, DC, there is still a Martini to save.



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