Plan Z


Monthly Subscription Plans

Basic Membership – $10/month

Includes monthly subscription to Martini in the Morning stream

Martini 50 Membership – $50/month

Includes Subscription, MITM t-shirt and coffee mug, delivered after 3 months

Martini 25 Membership – $25/month

Includes Subscription, MITM coffee mug delivered after 3 months

Martini 100 Membership – $100/month

Includes Subscription, MITM t-shirt, coffee mug and 2 martini glasses delivered after 3 months, “DJ for a Day” appearance on MITM

Annual Subscription Plan

Basic – $110/year

NOTE: The developers of the subscription service use PayPal exclusively. For our friends who can’t or won’t use PayPal, you can pay for your subscription by clicking here and choosing the option that works for you. Please understand, this will take longer than the standard process because we have to set up your account manually. You will receive an email from us with your login information once we set up your account.