The Boise Building Fund

Moving the main MITM studio and office to Boise, ID

Reunites Brad with his wife and family and cuts expenses, making us self-sustaining even at our current subscription levels

Goal: $17,500

Currently in: 43%


Thanks to:

Walt Kendall, Grandbury, TX
Susan Gibson, Fairfax, VA
Pat and Miriam Bernstein, Santiago, Chile
Steven Fisher, Hayward, CA
Rosie Jazwiecz, Rialto, CA
Lou Cosso, Lafayette, CA
Dr. John Folts, Madison, WI
James Abney, Portland, OR
Sheryl Croix, Houston, TX
Ken Pfeiffer, Nashua, NH
Bethe Scalettar – Portland, OR
Lou Cosso – Lafayette, CA
James Sartain – Petaluma, CA
Joe & Carol Bonavolent – Beaumont, CA
Lou & Betty Mantell – Chicago, IL
Aline Farmer – Newport Beach, CA

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