How To Listen to Martini In The Morning

There are as many ways to listen to MITM as there are devices you can use to access the Internet. Here are a few of the best ways to listen, starting with the ones that pay us, or carry commercials that bring a little revenue into the bank account and pay a few of the ever present bills.


On Computers:

The Miracle Martini Player: This CD quality audio/video stream pays us the most because it runs 3-minutes of TV commercials twice an hour. TV spots on the Internet pay about 5-times what we’re paid for traditional audio only radio commercials. Some folks who want music on around the clock start this player on their computer, minimize it and leave it on. That’s about $50/month to MITM.  Click here to open the Miracle Martini Player from

MartiniVision Update: For years, MartiniVision has been a way for MITM listeners to take a peek into the studio, if for nothing else, to wait for the inevitable battle of nerf guns or paper wads or whatever is in reach when a feud breaks out. It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, but with new multiple camera angles and MUCH higher quality video, it’s a great listening/viewing option, especially when MITM  artists visit the studio to talk about upcoming appearances and new CD releases. MartiniVision is available weekdays 6:00—10:00 am PT.



Another CD quality audio stream. This one carries traditional radio commercials, only 4-minutes of commercials per hour, compared to 15-20 minutes on a typical FM music station in the USA. To get there, open iTunes on your computer, at the top left of the page, click the INTERNET RADIO button (or to see the Internet Radio option). Then click the triangle next to “Golden Oldies” to see the available stations.  Scroll alphabetically, to Martini in the Morning and double click to listen.


Smart Phones/Tablets:

MITM is available on almost every streaming app, for every mobile device. Our preferences: Best app period-hands down: StreamS HiFi—it’s ONLY for iOS …  iPhones and iPads. AND it’s $3.99 from the App Store.

HOWEVER—the FREE TuneIn Radio app pays us and among the free mobile apps, it’s the best—it works on ALL smart phones and tablets, is reliable, offers multiple streams to make listening a pleasure whether you’re at home with plenty of bandwidth, in a workplace environment where they try to restrict streaming, or on the road when reliability can be spotty. Search for Martini in the Morning. Once tuned in, use the menu button to select a higher or lower bandwidth stream, depending on your needs.  32k is best when mobile—128k is CD quality, good for listening when connected to WiFi at home or work or on your 3 or 4G network.


Stuff we haven’t covered:

Second Life: For SL and ALL virtual reality/social networking  worlds—use this URL:  
Don’t try to click on it here. Just copy and paste it into the audio settings for your destination property. Thanks to our friends at Digistream for helping us make this stream available specifically for Second Life and other similar grids.


Listen on Your Television: MITM is available on

Apple TV: Similar to iTunes on a computer. DO NOT SELECT RADIO if you want to find Martini in the Morning. Scroll through the icons on the main menu—below the row of top movies, you’ll see Movies, TV Shows, Music, iTunes Radio, Computers, etc. SCROLL WAY DOWN till you see the icon for Internet Radio.  Then, like iTunes on your computer, look for Golden Oldies, then Martini in the Morning.


Roku: Martini in the Morning is available on the original Roku Soundbridge devices as well as Roku TV. Roku TV devices use TuneIn Radio to access Internet Radio. Just search Martini In the Morning. 


Sonos and many other home theater and distribution devices carry Martini In the Morning. Any device with TuneIn Radio, Reciva or vTuner will have Martini in the Morning in their directory, as does the Windows Media Player Guide. Select Internet Radio and search for Martini in the Morning.


Airplay: Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, will transmit wirelessly to TVs with Apple TV or stereos equipped with Apple Airport devices. This allows you to send Martini in the Morning from your Apple device to your stereo or Apple TV. Look for the Airplay symbol in your streaming app.