Monday Morning Mindbender



Consider this our weekly “public service” to help get your brain in gear for a new work week.  Tune in around 8:30 AM each Monday to hear the question of the day. Come back here each week to enter your answer for the Mindbender.  We’ll select a winner from all correct entries emailed by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Monday’s to win a special prize. 

This Week’s MindBender:





COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO ENTER. A winner will be selected from all correct answers received by 6:00 PM PT today to win a fabulous prize. Good Luck!!

Last Week’s Mind Bender:


I sit on a bridge so you might see just how clear the world can be. What am I?



Congratulations to Geoffrey Kromer of Groton, MA. Geoffrey was selected from all correct answers received to win a prize. Listen for a new MindBender again Monday September 17th around 8:30 AM PT. Good Luck!!


NOTE:  Answers to MMM can be indeed fact, OR of widely accepted Urban Folklore.  Hey, we don’t have a research department, so we do the best we can.

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