Monday Morning Mindbender


Consider this our weekly “public service” to help get your brain in gear for a new work week.  Tune in around 8:30 AM each Monday to hear the question of the day. Come back here each week to enter your answer for the Mindbender.  We’ll select a winner from all correct entries emailed by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Monday’s to win a special prize.

This Week’s MindBender:








COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO ENTER. A winner will be selected from all correct answers received by 6:00 PM PT today to win a prize . Good Luck!!


Last Week’s Mind Bender:




Would you take the ocean’s roar and leave just a sigh?



All this your heart won’t let you do.

Congratulations to Pete Kohut of Bridgeport, PA. Pete was selected from all correct answers received to win a prize. Listen for a new MindBender again Monday May 6th around 8:30 AM PT. Good Luck!!


NOTE:  Answers to MMM can be indeed fact, OR of widely accepted Urban Folklore.  Hey, we don’t have a research department, so we do the best we can.

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