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Less Rod Stewart Pleeease!!!
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David Orme
Thu Nov 06 2008, 04:04PM

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Joined: Thu Nov 06 2008, 03:54PM
Posts: 2
Martini in the Morning is an amazing station, but there needs to be way less Rod Stewart. He's an old washed up womanizing wannabe. He doesn't have half the talent or personality required to be a good jazz musician.

More Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr. and Matt Dusk please!!! =)
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Thu Nov 06 2008, 06:58PM

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Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 04:00PM
Posts: 65
Hello David!

More Frank is ALWAYS alright with ME !!!

Hope you use the Request Button on the HOME page of website to ask for your favorites.... as Brad always says..." You pick a few......We'll pick a few... we'll call it a party!"

Glad you are enjoying MITM David!!!!


Kathleen Sauer (Cheerleader)
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Thu Nov 06 2008, 07:34PM
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Joined: Thu Jul 03 2008, 09:18AM
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Hi David! I agree in theory with you, but I think Rod Stewart brings a segment of listeners in that THEN discover the REAL music makers... Also, did you realize that Rod Stewart has 4 albums of standards? He really loves this music...and his only Grammy comes from singing this stuff! Maybe if we never heard him sing songs like 'Maggie May' and 'Do you Think I'm Sexy'...we'd like his interpretations more...

listening in,


BTW, watch out...MiTM also plays standards by Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler, Robert Palmer....YIKES!....enjoy!
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Pati Colorado
Tue Nov 11 2008, 04:50PM

Registered Member #150
Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 04:00PM
Posts: 19
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absoultely A-G-R-E-E........
less RS..........I know he sells & has even won a grammy? (god knows how??????)
but his voice is just so unpleasant for the old standards....

sorry RS fans.......

these two artist have two of the BEST VOCALS in the bizzz.......
there voices are absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....

Matt...very rich & well toned to sing standards
Sara- has a very beautiful voice- very similar to KAREN CARPENTER-
love her interpretation of "MORE"- love it!!!

did I say - PLAY MORE MATT BELSANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ image disabled ]

pati loves michael & matt.......giggles
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Karen M-C
Wed Nov 12 2008, 01:14PM
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Joined: Mon Jul 07 2008, 04:32PM
Posts: 1
Oh, I love Rod - and eyeryone else who sings this kinda music!

- Karen Malcor-Chapman
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Tue Feb 10 2009, 06:29PM
Registered Member #1737
Joined: Wed Jan 14 2009, 02:35PM
Posts: 4
I also think that there is perhaps too much Rod Stewart, but I agree that people tuning in to hear him will get hooked on all of the other great music.

Play it as it lays
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Peter and Susie
Mon Mar 09 2009, 01:34PM

Registered Member #1758
Joined: Mon Jan 19 2009, 06:16AM
Posts: 19
I agree too, a bit less is a great suggestion. Although the RS CD I won from MITM has won me over quite a bit.

Peter and Susie Bagwell
DoTerra Essential Oils
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Richard Daines
Wed Mar 11 2009, 07:32PM

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Joined: Fri Feb 27 2009, 07:50PM
Posts: 4
I have nothing against Rod Stewart, I like him singing this music rather than his rock stuff and I can't say I hear him a lot. Now Judy Garland, sheesh, I can do without her.
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Linda Iovino
Thu Mar 12 2009, 09:50AM
Registered Member #285
Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 04:00PM
Posts: 111
Dear rdaines,

I do like when Martini in the Morning plays Judy Garland. My favorite tune is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Eva Cassidy does a great version of that one which MITM plays. Just keep listening!!! I'm sure the variety mix must have some great tunes that you will enjoy!!!

Take care,


P.S. I have nothing against Rod Stewart also!!!!
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Richard Daines
Thu Mar 12 2009, 05:17PM

Registered Member #1898
Joined: Fri Feb 27 2009, 07:50PM
Posts: 4
Hey Linda,

Yes, over the rainbow is a great song but I have to say that the later Judy Garland songs leave me cold.
I also agree that MITM has a great mix of songs, I listen as much as I can.
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