I Lost My Martini!
MITM Listening FAQs 

True - Some of our streams seem to have disappeared. Here's an explanation of what happened, why, what we can do about it, and what to do in the meantime.

First, questions you've asked since receiving our September 23 email newsletter. Click Here!

The Best News is, if you listen on a computer, we have a solution: The Miracle Martini Player
If you listen on an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, we have a solution: The RadioLoyalty App

Q:  What Happened?
A: We lost some streams, but some others are back:

How to listen on the following devices:

Only one way, please - The Miracle Martini Player!

Mobile Devices: 

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - RadioLoyalty App  available at the iTunes App Store
Droid SmartPhones - RadioLoyalty App available at the Android Market
Blackberry/Palm, other SmartPhones: TuneIn Radio
Nokia SmartPhones: 

WiFi Radios/Home Theater Systems
All major WiFi radio directories including Reciva and vTuner, carry the new MITM 128k stream

Q: Why?

A: The simplest explanation is this: With the arrival of the "Miracle Martini Player" from our sales and streaming partners at RadioLoyalty.com, we knew converting roughly 10% of our computer listeners (iTunes Radio, etc) would be sufficient to pay our bills. That would cover the substantial cost of keeping our iTunes stream where tens of thousands of people have discovered us, and covering the cost of streaming to almost every SmartPhone app and every mobile device. Unfortunately, in our first 120 days, less than 1% of our audience made the switch and we brought in less than 10% of the revenue we needed to keep those streams online. 

We stopped doing the frequent 'Beg-a-Thons' because so many people were tired of us asking for money, and frankly, we were tired of asking. 

When so few people switched to the new player, we were left unable to pay the nearly $4000 to keep all of those streams alive.

Q: How can I listen now?
A: For COMPUTER listeners, PLEASE use the Miracle Martini Player! It's a 128k stereo MP3 stream. It sounds fabulous and it carries a few minutes of commercials each hour that will allow us to pay our bills. Here's a link directly to the Miracle Martini Player.

For MOBILE listeners, RadioLoyalty.com, our partner in the Miracle Martini Player has apps for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch; as well as for SmartPhones on the Android platform. Go to the iTunes App Store or the Android App Market for your phone and search for the RadioLoyalty app.


For SmartPhone listeners using other devices like Blackberry, Palm, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada etc, use the TuneIn Radio app. Click Here

For WiFi, Home Theater and other Internet "Appliance" listeners
, we are back in most major devices.

Second Life users: This link is EXCLUSIVELY for use in Second Life: http://mitm.digistream.info:8052/ 
Copy the link and paste it into your land settings. Please do not hesitate to place links to our website and/or 'Tip Jar' to support this SL ONLY stream. And if you're listening in RL, PLEASE use the Miracle Martini Player!

This is how we keep the music playing!
Click the graphic to connect. One commercial will play. Then The Greatest Songs Ever Written. 
While you listen, click the "Share This" button and let your Facebook, Twitter and/or MySpace Friends know about MartiniInTheMorning.com
Also, if you "Join," you can earn 'RadioLoyalty' points toward cool gifts and prizes. You get points for sharing as mentioned above; points for Liking (or disliking) songs you hear; and you get points for how long you listen! The more points you earn, the more you're working miracles, helping us keep the music playing! Click on the player graphic below to start listenng now!
Miracle Martini PLayer



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